M5 E39 Special Invite to 50 Years of ///M @ BMW HQ Munich

BMW invited (with organization by European M5 E39 Owners Group) 50x M5 E39’s to attend the 50 year celebration of ///Motorsport at BMW HQ/Museum in Munich.

50 cars arrived from all over Europe, collectively driving far north of 100,000km.
Some driving over 5000km and shipping by boat from far away lands.

This was just one day of a multi day get-together and tour.
The 50x M5 E39’s were also invited for tour at the M5 factory in Dingolfing, but that is material for another post.

Looks like an idyllic summer afternoon at BMW HQ Munich in July 2001
BMW said it themselves on their Instagram story: “Usually all the best stuff is on the inside of Museum, but today it all is outside.”
Lots of high noon crowds visiting the BMW Museum.
Some guys got money shots of their M5’s in front of Museum and BMW Headquarters towers.

Full list of invited M5 E39’s at BMW HQ/Museum Munich

US Spec M5 shipped from USA and re-registered in Germany, hence the narrow license plate.
M5 E39 from Romania
M5 E39 from Denmark
M5 E39 from Czechia
Kam’s M5 E39 from UK
M5 E39 from Ireland
Sam’s M5 E39 from UK
M5 E39 with Unique color (forgot name) from UK
Oxford Green M5 E39 from UK
Imola Red M5 E39 from Iceland
M5 E39 from Sweden
M5 E39 from Croatia
Marco’s M5 E39 from Finland
David’s M5 E39 from Spain
No BMW logo, no license plate. It this even a real BMW M5?
M5 E39 from Netherlands
M5 E39 from Netherlands.
The passenger mirror was ripped off on the Autobahn when some fool pulled out into the left lane without using blinker.
KMW 709 is the original BMW M5 E39 press car in Sweden in ~1999. Here is the Bilsport 13 magazine with this same car on the cover
Scarab M5 E39
Sreten‘s M5 E39 from Germany
Chrome Shadow painted M5 E39 experimental/concept car.

Other photos of the day:

V12 ~700 HP from BMW in X5
E46 M3 Touring Concept painted in Chrome Shadow
E46 M3 Touring Concept painted in Chrome Shadow
Nick with his M5 E39 from Germany
Nick with his M5 E39 from Germany
Nick with his M5 E39 from Germany
BMW superstar Sreten leaving BMW HQ
Sreten @ BMW HQ
Looks just like circa 2001, even the architecture.
Kaspars Daleckis celebrating his photography wins.

Cars & Coffee BMW Classic Munich

Imola Red BMW M3 E30 unicorn.

Nick drove in his M5 E39 into Cars n Coffee @ BMW Classic, Munich.