M5 E39 in 2010 in Pictures

This picture is on Wikipedia as definition of S62 in M5 E39
Alex Roy & Ped Bekram with Powerchip at Bimmerfest
Lenny wanted to race the 318.
Blue 540T got to race the 318 in the parking lot.
Matt Pedram’s M5 w/ custom intakes.
Rear Main Seal leaking like crazy. Rear bumper hit by grandpa. Wrap melting in the sun. Pretty bad state of affairs on the M5.
Oil leaks so bad I got to put pans under the car.
Lenny worried his M5 so low and Dinan headers so big that the headers that are sticking out below the car might catch the ground.
Random M5 that I came across and had to get a picture.
SDan Diego’s Christmas decoration drive-through thing.