M5 E39 Getaway in Los Angeles

Been watching too much Gone in 60 Seconds and Fast & Furious #59.

I’m just posing here, not driving. I’m behind the camera actually. The driving was done by a professional driver and I may not reveal the name of such driver since he is always involved in top secret cutting edge projects.

I left “in time” and went to Urth Cafe to check the new photos and get coffee, then realized I need more smoke and went back to the LA River. There was bunch of LAPD cars there and asked me if I was the one causing the unrest. I told them “I just got there, no idea.” That is when they called me out on bullshit because on top of the river bank there was a Hollywood film crew filming something (this is one of most filmed locations in the world) and they had turned the cameras toward me when the water and tires were hit, and got me on film and showed the police when police showed up. Only in LA.